Domiciliary Savings Account (USD/EUR/GBP/YUAN)

Domiciliary Savings Account

Domiciliary Savings Account (USD/EUR/GBP/YUAN)

You Qualify if

  • You want to operate a foreign currency denominated¬†savings account with ProvidusBank. The account can be operated in the following currencies: Dollars/Pounds/Euro/YUAN

  • You have a minimum opening balance of $50 (EUR, GBP, YUAN)

Your Benefits

  • Internet Banking

  • SMS alerts

  • Free E-Alerts & E-Statements

  • Local & International Transfers¬†

  • Mobile Banking

  • Access to in-branch¬†services

Your Fees

SMS charge $1 monthly (or its equivalent in other currencies)

Cost of debit card (dollar denominated)
issuance ($10 for Classic, $25 for Gold card
and $50 for Platinum card)

Yearly card miantenance fee of $1

1.5% charge on transactions effected online and in bank