Providus Affluent Current Account

Providus Affluent Current Account

Providus Affluent Current Account

You Qualify if

  • You earn an annual income of between N3,000,000 and N15,000,000

  • You maintain an opening balance of N1,000,000

  • You have an average minimum daily balance of N500,000

  • You make a monthly payment of N3,000 for bundled services (you can opt out of these services at anytime)

Your Benefits

  • Loans and overdrafts available upon salary domiciliation

  • Access to ProvidusBank Gold debit cards

  • Mobile banking

  • Internet banking

  • Free e-alerts & e-statements

  • Financial and investment advice

  • Access to electronic banking

  • Free investment advice

  • No monthly maintenance fee

Your Fees

SMS charge of N4

Cheque book issuance at a cost of N1,200

N3,000 cost of issuance of debit cards

N50 stamp duty on every amount received above N1,000

N65 will be charged on every withdrawal from the ATM after the first 3 withdrawals in every month. This will only apply where the withdrawals take place at a non-ProvidusBank or non-partner bank ATM

N100 yearly maintenance charge for all cards