Providus Affluent Savings Account

Providus Affluent Savings Account

Providus Affluent Savings Account

You Qualify if

  • Your Income is between N3,000,000 and N15,000,000

  • You have a minimum opening balance of N100,000

  • You maintain a minimum operating balance of N50,000

  • You make a monthly payment of N3,000 for bundled services (you can opt out of these services at anytime)

Your Benefits

  • Attractive interest rate

  • Access to ProvidusBank Gold Debit card

  • Unlimmited monthly withdrawals

  • Internet banking

  • SMS Alerts

  • Mobile banking

  • Free e-alerts and e-statements

  • Guaranteed interest payment to you irrespective of number of withdrawals

  • 5% cash back on fees you pay on E-channel transactions (excluding ATM transactions)

Your Fees

SMS Alert N4

Debit Card N3,000

N100 card maintenance fee chargeable per annum

Transaction charge of N105 on every instant (NIPS) transfer effected on our internet banking platform