Providus Youth Account

Providus Youth Account (18-25years)

Providus Youth Account

You Qualify if

  • You will like the convinience of opening an account online without the need to complete forms at the branch

  • You are between the ages of 18-25 years

  • You have an opening balance of N5,000

  • You maintain a minimum daily balance of N1,000

  • Your single deposits do not exceed N50,000 and the cumulative balance on your account does not exceed N300,00

Your Benefits

  • Unlimited monthly withdrawal on digital chanels

  • Attractive interest rate

  • Customized Debit card bearing the photograph of the account holder

  • Guaranteed interest payments to you

  • Free e-alerts & e-statements

  • Access to career development materials

  • Internet banking

  • Mobile banking

  • SMS alerts

  • Debit cards

  • Flexibility around account opening ID

  • 5% cash back on fees you pay on e-channel transactions (excluding ATM transactions)

Your Fees

SMS Charge of N4

Cost of Debit Card N1,000

N100 card maintenance fee per annum.

Transaction charge of N105 on every instant (NIPS) transfer effected on our internet banking platform.

N65 will be charged on every withdrawal from the ATM after the 1st 3 withdrawals in every month. (This will only apply where the withdrawals take place at a non-ProvidusBank (or non-partner bank) ATM