Introducing Cashbacks for International Transactions

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Available to ProvidusBank Mastercard holders

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Introducing the ProvidusBank Amphi Card

Innovative solution for your business collections

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Introducing Providus Soft POS


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Personal Banking

Download our mobile app and experience simpler, more reliable and convenient banking.

Private Banking

Product offerings designed to take the hassle away from managing your money.

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Savings Account

With ProvidusBank savings account, you can save your money for the future.

Current Account

The ProvidusBank current account is the go-to for the upwardly mobile.

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Virtual Payment Services

Experience payment possibilities to grow your business. Quick, easy and Instant settlement.

Platinum Mastercard

A card for all occasions. Access to NGN, USD & GBP denominated cards.

ProvidusPlus App

Easy, convenient and safe. Transfers, Recharge, Bills payment all in one place.

Corporate Internet Banking

Taking your business from point A to Profit. Do Transfers, bulk payments and standing order.